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5 Myths That Prevent Job Seekers from Overcoming Failure


Job Seeker in Pakistan: If you are a recent university graduate or already working somewhere but looking to fetch another job for career growth, the job searching is a very tiring experience. When you are job seeker you would only know the scenario that takes place from what the human resource department of an organization communicates you. A lot of people don’t know about the back end operations so they develop their stories which they convey others. People believe them to be true. Although requirements it is a fact that those stories are not transmitted with the purpose of propagating lies. It is done to help the people somehow in their job seeker experience. Do you remember last time you shared your secret with your best friend? Making him promise that he will not convey it to others. But, your best friend conveys the same story in his own fashion to his best friend asking him not to tell it others. The chain goes on and on. A time comes when everyone knows about it through word-of-mouth. But, the people do not know the original truth because it has been conveyed by many people with twist and turns. This is a problem with human beings, usually, because we hear a lot of things in the media and from our contemporary people. Frequently, things are not conveyed from the original source so consequently, what happens is the fact that we come to know are the ones which have a very less modicum of truth.