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5 Ways to Tell Your Company’s Story in One Minute or Less

Remember the old adage that a picture says a thousand words? Well, according to James L. McQuivey, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, a one-minute video is actually worth 1.8 million words. Almost 52% of marketing professionals around the world say that video content offers the best ROI.  And as attention spans grow shorter and shorter, the ability to get your message across quickly becomes more and more important.

Here’s how to use a short video ad to tell your company’s story in one minute or less.

Have a story arc.

Any good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. When you tell your brand’s story, start with the why, then the how, then the result. Explain the problem you are solving, how you are solving it, and why it’s beneficial. This Birchbox ad is a great example of an ad that accomplishes this in 30 seconds. The problem they are solving is how to discover new beauty products. The “how” is delivering a personalized box of beauty products each month. The result provides a fun and easy way for people to discover the best beauty products.


Think about your audience.

The person watching your video wants to know how your brand will benefit them. Instead of telling the story from your perspective, think about it from your potential customer’s point of view. The same Birchbox ad does this by showing people using the service. It quickly answers the question the viewer cares about most: What’s in it for me? You can also target a particular subset of your audience. For example, a Birchbox ad for their men’s grooming subscription would likely feature male protagonists. Our Fiverr sellers Lunioustudios

End with the sales pitch.

Now that you’ve told your brand’s story, you can explain how someone can make a purchase or find out more. Someone who has never heard of Birchbox wouldn’t understand why they should sign up if the Birchbox ad had started with the call-to-action. When you’re structuring your script, start with the story and end with the sales pitch.

Keep it short and sweet.

Research has shown that you have only about 10 seconds to engage your audience before they decide to stop watching. The ideal length of your video also depends on where you are sharing it. If your video lives on your site, it’s probable that someone is already interested in your business and they’ll stick around longer. If you are sharing the video on social media, it should be shorter so people don’t scroll on by. Some good rules of thumb:

  • 30 seconds for Instagram videos
  • 45 seconds for Twitter videos
  • One minute for Facebook
  • Two minutes for YouTube.

Make it high quality.

Creating a beautiful video takes time. And you’ve already got a thousand and one things on your to-do list. Luckily, a Fiverr Pro seller can help you do everything from writing a script, to illustration, to filming, to editing and post-production. Now all you’ll have to do is grab the popcorn!

What are some of your favorite short video ads? Have you used one to tell your brand story? Sound off in the comments below!