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Do For Good: Saving Lives With Project EcoSoap

Five years ago, we had a dream at Eco-Soap Bank​ to create and sell a zero-waste soap product that empowered women in the developing world and saved lives doing it. Its mission would be to revolutionize the way we do good in the world through our purchases.

But as a small team facing a lack of resources, we put the idea on hold… indefinitely. Until we were introduced to Do For Good. Do For Good is a collaboration between Fiverr and ​Givingway,​ an online volunteer portal.

This game-changing partnership will connect nonprofits with top-tier freelance services to address their most pressing business and creative needs. Now, our dream is a full-fledged initiative launching today on Kickstarter​!

And Do For Good is already helping to save lives.

We’re proud to introduce Project EcoSoap—a soap bar for the truly eco-friendly and socially-conscious. Every bar is 100% recycled and 100% zero-waste. We’re giving steady, fair-wage employment to economically disadvantaged women in developing countries to create the world’s most responsible soap.

And for every bar we sell, we’re able to give a hundred bars to children in need abroad.

We have the ambitious goal of providing 2.5 million people with soap and employing 45 women worldwide. And none of this would have been possible without Do For Good and a fleet of Fiverr sellers dedicated to turning our ideas into reality.

To bring Project EcoSoap to life, we received top-tier Fiverr Pro services, like product photography, graphic design and illustration, and digital marketing. The quality of their work totally blew us away—take a look at some of the results:

Lauren Coyle – Graphic Design and Illustration

Kimberly – Digital Marketing

Tim Ireland – Product Photography

Do For Good leverages the power of Fiverr’s marketplace to empower organizations around the world to bring their impact to the next level. We can’t wait to see all the good that Do For Good will do for nonprofit teams like us.

Project EcoSoap is live on Kickstarter!

How would you use Do For Good for your nonprofit? Let us know in the comments!